Justin B Rye [MAIL] 20-Jan-09

Feel free to start arguments with me about any or all of the following assertions.

01 Factional terrorism is no excuse for state terrorism.  [True in the nineties, true now!]
02 Faith is incompatible with Occam's Razor.
03 Babylon Five was the best SF ever to hit our TV screens (but not perfect – see under Mark Two).
04 Noam Chomsky should stick to politics, Roger Penrose should stick to interior decorating, and Andrew Lloyd Webber should stick to the ceiling if hurled aloft with sufficient force.
05 Anyone who advocated celebrating the millennium on 31-Dec-99 was a party-pooper (see under Y2k).
06 Come to that, weeks don't start on Monday, or spring with the equinox.  And everyone on 0° should keep permanent GMT.
09 Heinlein's predictions for 2000 AD were laughably inaccurate (see under RAH).
10 No nation to which children are routinely expected to declare their allegiance can be entirely free[Let alone the UK…]
11 Free-market Libertarians are a greater threat to civilisation than Marxists.
12 All philosophy written before the Industrial Revolution is best forgotten.
13 Dehumanising technology is a step in the right direction.
15 Time does not literally move (see under Chronophysics).
16 English spelling doesn't need a reform – it needs a bloody revolution!  (See under Spelling Reform.)
17 Society owes me a living.
18 Green chilli peppers go nicely with lapsang souchong.
20 Esperanto is rubbish – for rather technical reasons (see under Ranto).
22 You aren't necessarily entitled to your own opinion.
23 A single word is worth a thousand pixels.
24 It's perfectly possible to do without fame, wealth, domestic bliss, adventure, consumer goods, mystical enlightenment, sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll… and still have an enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle!
26 The interesting thing in the news is the gaps.  [The tabloids' coverage of John's disappearance hasn't improved my faith in journalists.]
28 Trade-format paperbacks are nothing but a rip-off.
30 The only moral answer to You're either with us or against us! is Then we're against you.  (What is this, a War Against Pacifism?)
31 Wikis (with one glorious exception) function mainly as a way of losing documentation.
32 The only real racial link between Barack Obama and Colin Powell goes via the British Isles.

(The missing numbers were retired as boring)

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